Special day with Girth Brooks and friends

October 28th, 2014

Men tend to forget things sometimes. Even those that are in love with each other can forget things such as special days. Girth Brooks who is a tall, bearded man with an eight inch cock forgets a special day with his lover and makes it up to him in an extra special way.
Antoni who is well build and well hung is working on a home. There is a box that is wrapped with a small ribbon that he is keeping an eye on. He has something special inside of this box. He is one the phone making some arrangement to hand out with friends for that night. He is happy and in a good mood but Antonio is not speaking and seems moody. He has a reason to be mad. Today is their anniversary and Girth has forgotten about it. To make up for it he can start by kissing his 8.5 inch cock with some loving action. Music stays to play and the lights are lowered as Brooks tries to make up for forgetting this special day.

Antonio take off all of his clothing exposing his hard dark body. He even shaved his cock and balls for the occasion. Girth takes this cock and puts it in his mouth. He sucks it for a long time and then take off his clothing. He then bends over the table exposing his tight ass ti Antonio. Antonio waste no time and enters his ass. He fucks his good and slow, Brooks’s light skin taking a pounding from Antonio’s dark cock. Antonio then lays on the table and Brooks mounts his cock. He rides his as his own cock sticks straight up. He balls and slapping off of Antonio while he is riding him. The men continue to f**ck until they both come. Antonio then remembers the small box that he was keeping an eye on and gives it to his lover. At this point it seems that Girth Brooks has already gotten the best gift for their anniversary and has more then made up to Antonio for forgetting.

Girth Brooks as the horny teacher

March 27th, 2014

Tyler Sweet crawls under the teacher’s desk top even while the class is authoring a exam to obtain a quick extra credit. Girth Brooks puts up not resistance to Tyler’s innovations and a hot blowjob results in a great butt fucking
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Phillip Aubrey porn scene with Girth Brooks

April 23rd, 2013

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April 23rd, 2013

Gavin Waters gets fucked by big-dicked Girth Brooks at Men.com!