My Two Gay Sons Part 1

May 3rd, 2016

It’s Girth Brooks and Landon Mycles’ anniversary and they are hoping for a day alone just having sex all day… when it gets interrupted. This great new gay pornseries, filmed by for ‘Drill My Hole’, promises to be everything you want in a hardcore series; if this first episode is anything to go by, then it’s time to order more tissues, and lots of them. Phone a friend or two and make it into one hell of an orgy, as you watch this two young men getting down and dirty with each other.
Girth and Landon Mycles are in the kitchen half naked, talking about their anniversary and the sex that they are hoping to have. Landon stands over the cooker cooking a couple of fat sausages for each other. It’s early in the day, so both of them are surprised when the doorbell chimes. Girth answers the door to a complete, but great looking, stranger. The stranger asks for Landon and, as Landon comes into the room, Girth finds out it’s Landon’s brother, Scott. Scott has just been kicked out of his parent’s home because they found him fucking another guy in their house. Landon tells him he can stay as long as he wants too, but Girth isn’t too happy because this was supposed to be their ‘special’ day. To get rid of his brother, Landon asks him to go the shops for them, which is a couple of miles down the road.
With Scott out of the way, Girth and Landon Mycles make up for lost time and quickly jump on the couch in the hurry to have sex before Scott comes back. Girth wastes no time in pulling off Landon’s underpants and sucking on his circumcised cock.
Girth sucks lovingly on Landon’s cock, and he sucks slowly and hard which makes Landon Mycles sigh with excitement. Girth cups his hand under Landon’s ball sack and feels it bouncing up and down in his palm as he continues sucking lavishly on Landon’s cock. Girth then stands up on the couch with his balls laying on the head rest and Landon blowing on his seven inch hard dick, and fondling his ball sack.
As Landon gets on his back, and Girth pushes his knees up to his smooth hard chest, the camera moves in close, and we get a great shot of Girth’s tongue as it darts in and out of Landon’s soon to be fucked asshole. Girth gets positioned in-between Landon’s spread legs and glides his cock smoothly into Landon’s sweet wet asshole. He grunts and groans as he feels Landon’s ass muscles clamp around his invading cock like a glove that was made to fit. Girth starts of in a slow and steady rhythm, but soon turns faster and faster the more he feels the tight friction of Landon’s crack wrapped around his cock.
They go wild with lust as Brooks fucks Landon doggy style, and then back in the missionary positon when they feel themselves getting closer to shooting their loads. With a loud yell from Landon Mycles exclaiming he is about to cum, Girth strokes on his cock franticly, and both Girth and Landon spurt their sweet and sour jizz all over Landon’s exhausted body. They want to stay there cuddling for a while, but jump up, and into the shower with the sound of Scott arriving back.
Landon Mycles is a sweet looking guy with a fresh face and a muscular hairy chest. He has been in the porn industry for a while now, and as well as working in other companies, he has also starred in 17 hardcore movies for He is a six foot versatile bottom with a six inch cut cock. He also has short blonde hair and amazing blue eyes.
Mr. Brooks is an exclusive star to , and in the one year he has been with them, he has starred in thirty nine hardcore movies and has fucked, and been fucked, by some of the best stars around today. Girth has an innocent look about him but once he gets a sniff of cock, he can turn into a wild animal. Girth is a five foot six inch versatile man with a seven inch cut dick. He has brown hair, and sweet blue eyes.

Hot spunk as it flows

October 7th, 2015

What happens next is a cock pumping fuck-fest as they fuck each other in different positions. Seth Santoro is the first one to cum. He spills his load over Brooks who is ridding Luke Adams’s cock. Girth cums straight after him whilst, Luke is still fucking him. This ends up with Luke Adams standing up and his two bitches on their knees with their mouths open. His cum spurts out and both men get to taste his hot spunk as it flows out between them.

Jake Cruise is a good looking young man; he has an amazing body with a few tattoos. He is a great top with a seven inch cut dick. He has short cropped brown hair and has puppy dog brown eyes. He is five feet six inches tall and weighs 175 pounds.
Seth Santoro is a muscular hunk with a handsome face. He is versatile with a seven inch cut dick and thick cock sucking lips. He has brown hair, brown eyes, is five foot eleven inches tall and weighs 205 pounds.
Girth has an athletic body and a young fresh faced college boy look about him. He is versatile with a six and a half inch uncut dick and an asshole that never seems to be satisfied. He has short brown hair, sexy hazel eyes, is six foot tall and weighs 238 pounds.
Between all three men, they have over 45k followers on Twitter, that’s an amazing amount of horny men to watch this awesome hardcore flick. Don’t feel left out, join MEN today.

Big Dicks At School with Girth Brroks

May 27th, 2015

Big Dicks At School is the best schoolhouse fantasy site out of Besides showing some awesome films of frat boys having a good time together, they continue to enlarge their stable of studs. The latest film, Backhand, from Big Dicks At School pairs a brand-new jock, Girth Brooks, with the super cute Luke Adams. Girth, at 5’11” and 150 lbs, is a blonde, blue eyed cutie. He is a versatile top, and Luke is a versatile bottom.

Luke and Girth work up quite a sweat as they engage in strenuous outdoor activity. They walk to the locker room discussing how they can help each other. There is talk about helping with the backhand, and showing how do to this. We then hear, “Dude what are you doing?”

And a reply, “Licking your neck. There’s more I would like to do to you.”

“Oh yeah? Well, let’s get to it.”

Girth moves down Luke’s muscled arm, licking slowly as he lavishes it to the tip of the fingers, then dives right onto Luke’s exposed cock. Luke, shaved and full, already has a hard-on and his nuts are near to bursting. Girth spends a lot of time giving a sweet blowjob, before taking the firm nuts into his mouth. Once Luke is hot and bothered, Girth drops his pants for his turn.

Luke straddles the bench and sees that Girth’s 7 inch cut cock juts out from a hairless crotch, just as his is. Luke takes the newbie’s cock deep into his mouth and gives him a blowjob he won’t ever forget. How much more sexier could this scene get? Here we have two gorgeous jocks, both with shaved cocks, both eager to go down on the other.

After quite a display of rimming, Girth gets down to some serious business. Girth, that versatile top guy, does Luke doggy style, pumping his ass he lays over the hard bench. Faster and faster Girth pounds ass – and the camera work is superb here as there are many super close-up shots of shaved cock pumping an equally shaved asshole.

Luke gets flipped over and Girth gives him another blowjob to get him hard again. Then it is Luke’s turn to go drilling. These two guys prove just how versatile they really are… the switching goes on enough times so we can tell that they both enjoy being the top, as well as the bottom man. They just enjoy what they are doing, and it shows.

All good things have to end,and this training session is nearly complete. Soon Girth is squirting cum everywhere as Luke continues to pound his ass a few more times. Then Luke pulls out and squirts his own load of jizz.

For a new guy, Girth did a great job in his first role in Backhand. Of course, paired with Luke Adams, he couldn’t have been in better hands. These guys have good chemistry, let’s hope Big Dicks At Schools brings these two jocks together again and again.

Jake Cruise And Girth Brooks

February 23rd, 2015

Just when you start to think you have seen it all ‘Str8 To Gay’ brings you another exciting hardcore porno movie that is different from all the rest.
Girth Brooks plays a straight boxer. He is working out in the ring by himself and thinks there is no one else around. As he punches the bag he hears a chair falling over. He turns around to see a man, played by Jake Cruise, watching him train. He shouts at him to go away but Jake is in awe of him. Girth recognizes him from naked photos that have been sent to him. Girth calls him a freak and, as he pushes him away, orders him to leave. Feeling dejected by his hero, Jake Cruise leaves the ring.

Girth is so natural in this exciting flick it seems no effort to show off his talents as a good boxer, amongst other things. Girth looks like some sort of Norse god. He is five feet eleven inches, and weighing in at 180 pounds, he has the perfect gym toned body. He has blonde hair and cat-like green eyes. He is a versatile kind of guy with a six and a half inch cut dick. He has been in eight other flicks with including, ‘Strapped For Cash’ with Gavin Waters which has had 67,356 views to date. Also ‘Beefcake In Training,’ and ‘Beefcake In Training BTS’ with Spencer Reed, which have been viewed 92,891 times put together, and that number is still rising.
Jake Cruise is new to but will go a long way. He is a versatile bottom who keeps fit by doing extreme sports including wake-boarding and surfing. He has a nicely toned body with a few tattoos, one of which is a large crown just above his seven inch uncut cock. He has brown hair and hazel ‘puppy dog’ eyes. All you have to do to make this man happy is to suck his cock. A man we all want to get to know.
In this flick Brooks is now feeling stressed out because Jake Cruise has put him of his stroke. Jake hasn’t gone far and tells him that he has heard that, to relieve stress he should make himself cum, and he is prepared to help him. Girth is so desperate he agrees to let him help.
Jake gets on his knees and takes Girth’s dick in his mouth and begins sucking on this straight man’s cock. Girth peels his vest and gloves off but keeps the bandages wrapped around his fists. His body drips with sweat and he closes his eyes as he gets his first ever blow job from a man. Getting carried away with how good he is feeling Jake Cruise turns him around and rims his tight virgin hole with his protruding tongue.
With Girth Brooks bent over in the ring, Jake sends feeling through his body that he never knew existed. Jake knows how to please a man. He takes his time teasing his body by spreading his ass cheeks wide open and getting his tongue as deep in his tight hairy ass as possible, and then, with Girth still bent over, pulling his cock backwards and sucking it from behind.
They move to another part of the gym where Jake finishes off getting Girth’s cock soaked with his saliva. It’s now time for Jake to groan with excitement as he lies on his back, spreads his legs as Girth pierces his tight asshole with his solid hard, dripping wet, dick. Girth enjoys the sensation as Jake clamps his muscles around his cock like a vice. Jake Cruise gets onto his hands and knees, getting fucked doggy style. Jake gets more excited as he feels that cock deep within him and also feels Girth’s big heavy ball-bag slapping against the entrance of his crack.
As they sit next to each other jerking on their cocks it all gets too much for Jake and he spurts his jizz everywhere as he watches his idol playing with himself. With his muscles rippling and his balls getting sucked by Jake, Girth strokes his dick, he feels it getting bigger in his hand, his toes curl up and he feels power surge up his legs into his balls. With one final groan of pure animal lust he sends his jizz flying over his washboard stomach, and powerful, spread legs.
Seconds out, round two…

Gay Porn With Hot Men

February 4th, 2015

Philip Aubrey and his well tone body are back along with his hung cock. He is ready to teach Girth a lesson and show him what it is like to be with a real man.
Philip is standing in a warehouse during the day and is waiting for someone to arrive. Girth enters the building and calls out to Philip. It seems like this is the man at school he has been waiting for.
The men do not waste any time and go right to touching each other. They go into a part of the factory where a leather sofa is ready and waiting for them. It seems it only takes a couple of seconds for the men to lose their cloths. Once the men are naked they start passionately kissing each other’s and start to feel each other’s bodies.

Philip is naked and touching Girth but his cock is still soft. It is hanging over his shaven balls. Jake Cruise notices his cock is soft and is determined to do something about it. He takes Philip’s cock and begins to tease it with his mouth. He opens wide and takes it all the way down this throat. Philip begins to get hard at this time and even his balls seem to tighten up. Girth is not done pleasing him just yet. He takes Philip’s ass and spreads it apart. Once Philip is spread open Girth dives right in.
The action only gets hotter from her. Girth bends over and Philip puts his cock right in his tight ass. Girth can really take a pounding as Philip moves in and out of him. Philip starts to slap his ass with pleasure. Philip moves to a nearby chair and bends Girth over it. He continues to give him a good and deep pounding. Philip then sits on the chair and Girth sits on his cock. He is moving in and out of it at a fat pace. Philip cannot hold it back any longer. He pulls out of Girth and releases his load all over his chest.

Special day with Girth Brooks and friends

October 28th, 2014

Men tend to forget things sometimes. Even those that are in love with each other can forget things such as special days. Girth who is a tall, bearded man with an eight inch cock forgets a special day with his lover and makes it up to him in an extra special way at school.
Antoni who is well build and well hung is working on a home. There is a box that is wrapped with a small ribbon that he is keeping an eye on. He has something special inside of this box. He is one the phone making some arrangement to hand out with friends for that night. He is happy and in a good mood but Antonio is not speaking and seems moody. He has a reason to be mad. Today is their anniversary and Girth has forgotten about it. To make up for it he can start by kissing his 8.5 inch cock with some loving Jake Cruise action. Music stays to play and the lights are lowered as Brooks tries to make up for forgetting this special day.

Antonio take off all of his clothing exposing his hard dark body. He even shaved his cock and balls for the occasion. Girth takes his cock and puts it in his mouth. He sucks it for a long time and then take off his clothing. He then bends over the table exposing his tight ass ti Antonio. Antonio waste no time and enters his ass. He fucks his good and slow, Brooks’s light skin taking a pounding from Antonio’s dark cock. Antonio then lays on the table and Brooks mounts his cock. He rides his as his own cock sticks straight up. He balls and slapping off of Antonio while he is riding him. The men continue to f**ck until they both come. Antonio then remembers the small box that he was keeping an eye on and gives it to his lover. At this point it seems that Girth Brooks has already gotten the best gift for their anniversary and has more then made up to Antonio for forgetting.

Girth Brooks as the horny teacher

March 27th, 2014

Tyler Sweet crawls under the teacher’s desk top even while the class is authoring a exam to obtain a quick extra credit. Girth Brooks puts up not resistance to Tyler’s innovations and a hot blowjob results in a great butt fucking
Posted by admin on April 23rd, 2013

Phillip Aubrey porn scene with Girth Brooks

April 23rd, 2013

Phillip Aubrey gets his cute ass thoroughly fucked by big-dicked stud Girth in this hot scene at Men!

Gavin Waters gets fucked by big-dicked Girth Brooks at

April 23rd, 2013

Gavin Waters gets fucked by big-dicked Girth at Men!